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CAROLINE, pt.2 - Transformed at Last... by todd18 CAROLINE, pt.2 - Transformed at Last... by todd18
:orange:Transformed at Last! Caroline's Explosion of Anger!/怒りの爆発;!キャロルの恐るべき力

Carol found herself staring in the face of evil. Now that she’s arrived to put an end to the insane Majin, the question is: can Carol end this demon once and for all? Daisy knew her daughter well and as a fighter, she progressed. Carol always seemed to find a way to do the impossible. Fluttershy laid her eyes on the mysterious human, knowing she was the one to shed the light on this darkest day. A light that has traveled across the planet, bringing with it a warrior determined to defend her friends and family at any cost. A hero that has trained herself in extreme conditions, and overcome impossible opposition to bring herself to this very place. Ready to face the most difficult challenge she has ever encountered!

This saiyan’s strength and power are matched only by her determination and will, to stand up and face the evil that threatens to put an end to everything she believes in! The last line of defense for her friends, her family and…the planet Earth. A warrior named Caroline. Armed with training in 100x gravity, and a bag of senzu beans, Carol would soon find out whether her training with Goku had been in vain. The proud daughter and princess took a few moments to examine the Earth’s largest threat before engaging in battle. Lamp stood ready to defeat this unknown intruder, but Carol was not intimidated.

“NOW IT’S YOUR TURN! THIS ISN’T FAIR! THESE PEOPLE NEVER EVEN HAD A CHANCE!” she barked from her distance. The Majin started to chuckle. Her small chuckle grew into a full burst of hysterical laughter.

“Is it really? Let me tell you something, GIRL: I’m not interested in fairness, turns or opportunities. I’m interested in the extinction of every living creature on this planet. A good fighter knows his or her’s physical and mental limitations, but a GREAT fighter will figure a way around them. I knew you were coming anyway. I could feel your power approaching…and I’m glad you’re here. I suppose that you’ll turn your hair blond and magically defeat was has NEVER been defeated before. You can try…but you’re chances of survival are extremely slim, Honey.”

“Who cares, if my hair turns black, navy blue or even pink…IT’S ME THAT’S GOING TO STOP YOU!” Carol yelled, her tone dripping with anger. “WHATEVER…” Lamp replied in a confident tone. The wind blew by, giving a chill to the four females on the battle field. Both warriors stood confident, glaring one another in the eyes, confident in their own abilities. Fire danced in both of their eyes, the fire of battle.

Daisy snickered at the scene realizing she was going to witness the ultimate battle. Just look at her. Carol never ceases to amaze me. I wouldn’t mind sparring with her at home…just for grins. The sky started to get dark and small drops of rain began falling. Lamp finally broke the silence.

“Ding!” she shouted. Carol jumped, leaping for the first move. Lamp stood there and she raised both her arms getting ready to defend the incoming assault. Carol threw the first punch and Lamp defended herself holding her shoulder up just before Carol jabbed her. Both of them disappeared into the sky leaving a huge cloud of smoke. The intensity of their powers combined could be felt. Lamp and Carol exchanged volleys, punches and insults. But both were dead even! Fluttershy was even more frightened when they both vanished, but Daisy was able to follow them both. Carol and Lamp looked like pin-balls soaring through the sky, ricocheting off of one another. Each time they made contact, the ground shook as if an earthquake was about to devastate the desolate ruins.

“Man, that’s fast…” Daisy breathed. “I had…no idea that kid could move!” The mountains and the trees in the nearby areas began to collapse due to their awesome power. Lamp charged in trying to land a kick and a few jabs but Carol blocked every blow coming her way. Lamp was getting aggravated at the fact she wasn’t making any progress.

Damn, this kid is good! I can’t even hit her, well I’ll have to fix that…

“HEY SAIYAN! THINK FAST!” She shouted at Carol, shooting a beam directly at her mom. She teleported and got to Daisy in time before it could hit.

“Gotcha punk!” she snarled at the mother/daughter duo. Carol was in a state of shock at how fast Lamp began to move. She was increasing her speed and thus, landed a blow her right in the face, causing Daisy to drop. This blow only served to irritate the saiyan princess. Daisy made use of her powers and shot two beams to ground acting as parachutes for her. Carol was getting ticked off and because of this, she dropped to the ground.

“Ok, it’s time for me get REAL!” She started powering up. Lamp hovered in the sky allowing her transformation to go forth. A yellow aura started forming around the girl’s body and she transformed herself into a super saiyan. She continued to push her power and no sooner was she a super saiyan 3! “Yeah…that’s more like it…” the saiyan said with a deeper voice. Her power augmenting her body also affected her voice. She was feelin’ relaxed. The battle raged on, and Lamp remained in the sky. She began to chuckle, and once again it became hysterical laughter. She was excited to see the girl max herself out. Both fighters charged each other trying to secure the upper hand, but Lamp was slowly increasing her power slowly chipping away at the mighty super saiyan 3!

Meanwhile back at Capsule Corp...
“…and that’s what happened. Right now Carol is all the way on the other side of the planet. She’s fighting that monster as we speak. I know she can do it. There’s a chance…but after what Daisy told me…it’s a slim chance!” Goku ended his tale with an assembled group before him.

“NO WAY!” Felicia bickered! “She’s going to return to us! She’s got this Pokemon here! Why didn’t she leave it with Nurse Joy? It’s just too affectionate for me. She keeps biting and chasing my tail!” Felicia’s comical personality sparked laughter around as Espeon kept playing with her tail.

“I know I know, but this is her fight and if she wants to do this alone…sure…I can easily kill her. The universe will see it as senseless violence, but if she defeats this monster, peace will restore itself. I can’t always save the world. It’s time I pass the role on to my granddaughter. Remember, one day I might not be here, and then what is the Earth going to do?” Goku took a brief pause and he chuckled, “that girl of mine is highly unusual. She’s like a small child, really. Innocent enough to believe she can overcome any circumstance in her path. She’s a girl who has no limits. She shuns them.” He ended. Felicia, Bulma, Tien, Toadette, Toadsworth, Krillin, 18, the Mario bros.and the remaining Z warriors were left at a standstill. “Wait a minute, Goku!” Felicia stood up with Espeon hanging onto her tail with her mouth.

“I just remembered! Super Saiyan 3! I wouldn’t worry about Carol yet everyone!” she cheered. “She’s still got an ace up her sleeve. LEVEL THREE! She hasn’t powered up I bet. You know how stubborn that kid is! She never wants to rely on her full power! I bet Carol will set Lamp straight when she transforms!” Everyone seemed to gain relief when Felicia mentioned Carol’s ability to transform at a higher level. “We can still win!”

“I wouldn’t count on it!” a familiar voice demanded. Goku turned around only to find Vegeta standing by the door with his arms crossed. “You’re all being foolish!” he insisted. “I’ve been sensing the girl’s fight. You all have no idea what’s going on.” Felicia gave Vegeta a perplexed look.

“What…w-w-what are you talking about?” she stuttered.

“You don’t have a clue, little cat! Carol has been at super saiyan 3…the entire time! Majin Lamp has slowly been picking that kid apart. Even fully energized by the transformation, Lamp still has complete control over her. Isn’t that right…Kakarot?”

Goku nodded. “Unfortunately, that is correct. I’m sorry Felicia, but I don’t know how long she can last. I’ve been sensing her power level drop slowly. But…I’m not giving up hope, and neither should the rest of you. She’s been at super saiyan 3 for about a half hour now and her power is slowly dropping while Lamp’s power remains strong. As long…as we have the dragonballs, there’s still a chance!”

“A very slim chance at that.” Vegeta asserted. “But I am not going to lose faith, either. After all, she has the blood of a warrior flowing within her. Not to mention she begged me to teach her a few skills many months ago!” Vegeta ended his statement and walked back outside. The saiyans knew the truth. Vegeta took the floor once more, “…you all need to remember this: she’s always thrilled by new challenges, and she’s sworn to protect those who can’t protect themselves. On top of that, she’s a saiyan so the thirst for battle is in her blood.”

“In the mean time,” Goku began as he got up, “I’m going to resume monitoring her progress on the Supreme Kai planet. All of you keep track of the news and see what else is taking fourth on the planet. Who knows how much damage has been dealt across the Earth. I’m gone!” With that said, Goku left the group with the help of his Instant Transmission.

Back in Equestria…
The rain took control of the sky. Lightning kept the sky lit and the sound of thunder crackled in the air.

“Your power is laughable, girl! The whole world is depending on you! You’re the savior…and you’re three breaths away from the end.” Lamp bickered, holding Carol in the air by her throat. “All you did was turn your hair yellow…and longer! What a disappointment…just like you’re father! I can’t believe your mom said you’ll beat me! Any Last words before you die, Princess Caroline?” If there’s one thing the Majin did wrong, it was to address Carol so… formally. Carol opened her left eye, glaring straight at Lamp.

“Don’t…CALL ME THAT!!!” She powered her energy up and Lamp’s grip on Carol broke. When she regained her freedom, she powered herself up with the Kaio-ken attack. “SUPEEEEER…KAIO-KEN!!!!!” It was a small boost of power, and she went on the offensive. A quick jab to the face she delivered sent the Majin girl spiraling into a cliff wall.

“Good work, Carol.” Lamp started to smile. “You’re proving to be quite an adversary.” Lamp said, wiping blood from the side of her mouth. “But this is my world,” she smirked, “…and I MAKE THE RULES!” She flew from the cliff and sped up which she vanished, leaving an after image. Carol, bewildered and looking around, was caught off guard as she received a blow to the face by the female’s elbow. Lamp broke the teen’s defensive guard and she fell back, trying desperately not to lose her balance. She fell to the ground. As much as she glared defiantly at the female Majin, Carol realized she couldn’t win. Even still, her burning ambitions to triumph over this threat still heated inside her and she got up. Her polo shirt, torn and ripped, was nothing more than a burden, so she ripped it off, revealing her tank top.

“My my...what an edgy little girl…” Lamp teased. She stood still for a brief moment, and then smiled sinisterly before moving again. She tried to trip our hero to the floor but Carol reacted fast and caught herself. Lamp decided it was time to reveal her surprise tactic. She was able to retract her head tentacle. She expanded her tentacle and gripped the saiyan’s neck, pulled her elbow up and delivered a devastating blow to her stomach! “POW!” she screamed simultaneously as she punched her. “Awwww, I bet that hurts, doesn’t it, Carol?” Lamp teased. The saiyan had to pause; she was in a great deal of pain. She trembled to the ground, holding her stomach with her teeth clenched. It got to the point where she was coughing up blood. Lamp walked over to her and looked down crossing her arms.

“Has it become clear to you, yet? I told you from the start you weren’t going to beat me. You never had a chance to begin with. I was only playing with your tiny brain.” Lamp preached with a conceded tone.

On the Supreme Kai planet…
“She can’t keep this up much longer! There’s got to be something we can do!” pleaded Goku, gazing into a crystal ball. The elder Kai looked down as Goku banged helplessly on the grass. He took a deep breath.

“That’s an interesting point you make, Goku…perhaps you should go down and help your granddaughter out…” Old Kai insisted. “But…I can’t go. This is her fight. Not mine. She’s acting stubborn. I told her to let me accompany her but her ego has been out of control lately. I really don’t understand. Gohan never acted that way and Daisy doesn’t act that way either.”

“We have to make moves, Goku. After Earth, Majin Lamp will come here.” Old Kai said in disappointment. They both knew Carol was struggling…but how much more of this could she withstand?

Back on the Earth…
This is BULLSHIT! I can’t even do anything and I’m a super saiyan 3!!! This is maddening! I’m maxed out! I have been out here suffering for almost THREE HOURS! And yet, she’s not showing the slightest sign of fatigue. I feel like a hamster on a wheel: no matter how much I run…I don’t get anywhere!

“Are you done lollygagging on the ground? Let’s play some more, CaroLINE!” Our hero looked up at the insane Majin with one eye open. Lamp continued her assault by kicking the girl sky high. She flew up and grappled her. With Carol in her grip, she decided to dive down first head first plunging the saiyan into the ground. It was a harsh blow for the saiyan princess. Her upper body was buried in the dirt. Her skirt revealing her underwear, and her tail upside down, the Majin walked over and grabbed her by the ankle. Carol became even more humiliated unable to cover her stripes. Lamp laughed at how silly she looked. “Hey now, what do we have here? Looks like a vegetable, ready to be picked!” She said in a sarcastic tone. Lamp noticed her underwear and she started to crack jokes. “You wear stripes? Eeeeww, stripes are the worst! Go commando, I recommend it.” And out of nowhere she blasted the Majin’s face, freeing herself. The saiyan fell to the ground, barely able to get back up. I can’t believe it…I’m not wearing stripes anymore. Polka dots from this day forward…

Lamp quickly got up from the ground, getting back on her feet. She stood up shaking the debris from her face. “Ok…now that was low…even for a girl like you. You areRUTHLESS, Red. Don’t tell me ‘The Great Super Saiyan’ is throwing in the towel already! I know what’ll get you up and running again: the death of you MOTHER!” Carol looked up at Lamp and then at Daisy and Fluttershy. Carol shouted to warn them of the incoming assault.

“Mom! RUUUUUUUNNNN!” Daisy picked up the yellow Pegasus and started to flee. But there was little warning for what was about to happen next! Lamp shot an energy beam, homing in on them both. Unable to defend herself, Daisy made an incredible sacrifice. She threw Fluttershy to the ground saving her from certain destruction. In an instant, the beam pierced through her body. Daisy fell to the ground letting out her last breath, coughing up blood with it. Few men have the courage for such a noble act. Daisy truly transformed herself to a being of greatness. Carol couldn’t believe her eyes! “Yet another person…you could have saved.” Lamp grinned, looking down on the battle weary Carol. The loss of her mother caused the saiyan girl to revert to her normal state. Witnessing her mother’s death was more than enough! The girl ran to her mother as she lied helplessly on the ground, grabbing her right hand. Daisy struggled, barely able to lift her head from the ground, the queen had one last thing to say as looked into her daughter’s bright yellow eyes, trying to muster up enough strength to whisper her final words of encouragement.

“Thank…goodness, I was able…to watch you blossom…into a young woman. I never had…my parents…they died when I was only 14…” a tear revealed itself as it ran down Daisy’s cheek. “Caroline…please…take care of your sister…for me. She needs…you…”

“Mommy…” Carol muttered, “Don’t leave me…YOU’RE GONNA MAKE IT! It’s not gonna come to that! And that’s all there is too it!!!” Carol barked back.

“No, Caroline…”not this time, sweetheart…” Caroline gasped as her mother’s words. “This time…I can’t. I want you to know that I…loved you and your sister. I’m the proudest mother…in the world.”

“I’ll wish you back, Mommy. I swear you’ll be back as once I end this; we’ll be a family again.” Carol pleaded as she maintained a tight grip on her mother’s hand. “You’ve made me proud…my little super saiyan. Please…Caroline…” She whispered with a smile on her face, and before you knew it, Daisy was gone. Although, Daisy has left the world of the living, it seems a bold new desire to avenge her mother and save the planet burned within. Caroline released the grip of her mother and she immediately glanced at Lamp, staring a hole through her. The evil Majin as she stood a distance, smirking at the accomplishment of splitting apart a mother and her daughter. The girl screamed out due to her mother's loss. Screaming in anguish at the fact she had to watch her mother leave this world.

“Don’chu think Daisy is right where she belongs? With her face…in the mud!” Lamp bickered and laughed at Daisy’s corpse. Using a strange sneak attack, Majin Lamp ensnared Daisy’s body, and absorbed it into her being. Caroline watched in horror as her mother was taken away from her. Lamp’s physical form didn’t undergo any major changes except she acquired Daisy's velvet hood around her neck. She felt stronger and more agile. "Man, what a power increase! I'm glad your mother finally croaked, smuts tend to linger like a bad odor..."

She began to renew her attack, but Carol was still in shock. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it, but it was real. True to her word, Lamp killed Daisy just as she promised. It was a tough day for the virtuous saiyan princess. The saiyan launched herself at the Majin, quickly aiming in for an uppercut, but the devious Majin dodged it, reversing it back on her. Grabbing the saiyan’s arm, Lamp launched her into a the same cliff she was at earlier.

Fluttershy couldn’t stand to see the human endure each punishing blow. Her eyes started to water realizing she had nothing to live for, but she forced herself not to cry. But how can you not cry when you’re homeland was plagued by violence and acts of hatred? Her friends dead, the animals inhabiting the land were dead. Representing the element of kindness, watching Lamp beat Carol into oblivion caused a tear to drop from her eye. She couldn’t hold it in anymore. Watching Carol suffer was enough! “Sometimes…we all just need to be shown a little kindness...” she muttered, looking at her reflection in a puddle. “If I had one wish…I will put it as is. I wish, I wish with all my heart…that this human girl saves my land…and the worlds apart…”

Carol up against the wall, realized she was outclassed. But she refused to give up. Lamp started to taunt and belittle her saiyan pride.

“What’s the matter, child? Not winning as easily as you though?”

“I...I never said…it would be easy…”

“Fool…” Lamp chuckled, “you won’t be winning at all. Your hair’s not even blond. Damn, you’re a faker.”

“I don’t need…” Carol responded, coughing up blood. “…to be a super saiyan to beat you. I just need to find the right motivation to end your existence, Ugly!” Insulted by the battle weary saiyan, she delivered an uppercut which caused the girl’s body to fly upwards. She followed this up by taking her fist and mowing her into the dirt. She was crushing our hero as hard as she could into the ground. Carol latched her hands onto Lamp’s arm in a meager effort to stop Lamp from crushing her. The saiyan teleported into the air hoping to give herself distance and fired up her grandfather’s Kaio-ken attack once more. She mounted what looked like a final assault against Lamp as she launched a KaMeHaMeHa-Wave. Lamp stood her ground with confidence and leaped in the blast. Carol couldn’t believe her eyes!

“That’s BULLSHIT!” she screeched. Lamp was able to fly through the blast taking no damage and when she got to Carol she popped the upper half of her body out, punched her and delivered a punishing blow to her back, causing the saiyan to fall below. The saiyan plunged headfirst unconscious into the lake. Fluttershy badly damaged, decided she would flee no more. Watching Carol’s effortless plunder, she came to the conclusion to accept fate as is. She lost hope.

…the power comes to a response to need; you have to create that need, Carol. Unleash your true power…it’s the only way…

Thoughts raced through her head, thinking of her grandfather’s words, her parents gone and her friends. She needed to find the power and because she witnessed her mother’s death, she wanted to avenge her. If there was ever a wall, Lamp has torn it down. If there was ever a button to push, Lamp has pressed it. For the gentleness in Caroline has FLOWN AWAY! And her power…has awoken. Knowing she could not match Lamp’s power in her present state, Princess Carol opted for a transformation! Her power slowly started raging to the surface due to her frustration. A transformation within the saiyan girl she never experienced before started to take place. Screaming to the top of her lungs under the water in agony and pain, beaten, broken but not defeated, it was time for Carol to pull out all the stops.

“FINALLY! It’s so quiet! That bitch acted like her period couldn’t stop soaking through her tampons. Well now little pony, aren’t you glad it’s you and I? I killed all of your friends, so it’s just you now. I do commend you for staying alive for this long." She bellowed snatching off the hooded cape she had on. " You should feel honored. But, before I leave, I'm going to have more fun before I leave. Once I leave I’m going after that girl’s family and I’m going to blow this planet into DUST!” Lamp stared at her and she noticed of the pony’s cutie marks. “What are those retarded lookin’ marking on your thighs? You look so retarded…I know I mentioned this before…but look how stupid they look…” Fluttershy ignored her and started into the puddle. In response to not answering, Lamp kicked the weaken pony into the dirt. “Answer me, NOW!”

Fluttershy held her head up and shook the mud off her face. She sighed in pain and she slowly began, “They aren’t retarded. They’re called ‘cutie marks’. Each of my people have one of these tattooed to our legs because we represent an element. I am the element of kindness. Why would you EVEN want to know anyway? You’re going to blow the world up aren’t you? I don’t care what you do to me or this planet anymore. You’re heart is black from the lives you’ve claimed. Just get it over with. You will pay...for what you've done.” Fluttershy ended.

A light slowly started to shine from the lake, but the source of the light hadn’t been noticed yet. “Fine with me!” Lamp shouted spitting a phlegm ball in Fluttershy’s face. She flew to the sky, raised her arm up and a giant ball of energy formed at the tip of her index finger.

“So you want me to get it over with? FINE THEN! NOT YOU, OR ANYONE CAN STOP ME! DAISY IS DEAD, CAROLINE IS DEAD! AS WILL YOU.THE END OF THE EARTH IS ON YOUR HEAD!” But before Lamp could launch her final attack, Carol came from out of nowhere. This fight was far from over; she wasn’t the same person she previously was. At long last the sleeper had awakened. Carol…was reborn!

“What’s going on?” Lamp asked in astonishment. “This is impossible! I killed her! How could she possibly still be living?! She changed…AGAIN! Her hair…it’s white as snow. WHAT IS GOING ON?” Lamp asked out in frustration. She dropped her defense flabbergasted at Carol’s new form. Lamp didn’t realize it but she pushed the teenl to a point where she couldn’t take anymore of the senseless acts of violence. She stood there with snow white shorter hair and a longer tail. When she raised her head, she revealed a unique feature: red glowing eyes. Carol had done the impossible. She became a super saiyan 4! In this form, the Saiyan's hair color differs, the same goes for the tail and the body is usually covered in fur. Carol’s body did not undergo the fur coverage. The hair is lengthened, but not nearly as long as a Super Saiyan 3's. The aura in this form loses the arcs of electricity and replaces it with sparkles, but Carol’s body released sparks of lightning. Lamp was nervous. Gazing into Carol’s red eyes, she realized she pushed her past her limit. Carol’s success did nothing but infuriate the Majin.

“You arrogant saiyan monkey, how dare you show your face again?”

Carol completely ignored Lamp's insult and went straight to the point, “Where is she? Where’s the pony?” Lamp crossed her arms, nodding her head to Fluttershy.

“Now it's time to pay, Lamp. you're going to face up to your crimes...”

“Oh, yeah?! You think so?” Lamp protested. She lifted her arm up preparing to launch an assault. “Very well, stay there. I’ll kill you where you stand! Take thi-” before she could finish her sentence, Carol grabbed her arm. Her speed was phenomenal! Lamp couldn’t detect her movement! "Wha' the? Let me GO, kid!" Carol slowly bent Lamp's arm back and as hard as the monster tried she suddenly couldn't break free. Carol squeezed her arm as she bent it back.

"You just just don't know when to stop. Enough is ENOUGH!" Carol squeezed her arm even harder.

"AAAAAhhh, let, me go you little brat!"

"First my father, then the earthlings and then my mother, Daisy" Fluttershy had to open her eyes a bit wider. She couldn't believe how easily Carol was taking control. Lamp was tugging and pulling away, but the harder she tried the more the saiyan pulled. "You don't care, I can see that! My mother's life meant absolutely NOTHING to you. You're not in the LEAST bit sorry. Right now, all you can think about is how to kill me..." with that said Lamp still couldn't break free. Carol released her arm giving her a preview of the pain to come.

“I’m sorry," Caroline began, "but I can’t allow you to take your unhappiness out on innocent people anymore.”

“What are you talking about? I’m the destroyer of life, the strong survive and the weak perish! THIS IS MY WORLD!”

“Ok, FINE!” Carol spouted. “We’ll play by YOU’RE RULES THEN!” Firing up her new found powers, Carol turned into a saiyan warhead, aimed directly at Lamp. A quick jab with the left, a mean hook with the right threw the Majin against the ropes. And where Lamp, had previously been in total control of the action, she was now struggling with all of her might just to stay alive! Lamp couldn’t believe the drastic turn this battle was taking. “You’re too much, little girl. I love your sense of humor. Baaaah...super saiyan...” Lamp said catching her breath. Carol flew to Fluttershy keeping her guard on her. Lamp was infuriated under these circumstances! She charged an energy blast and launched it hoping it would kill both Caroline and Fluttershy. The blast consumed them both but when the smoke cleared, Caroline and Fluttershy were unharmed. Fluttershy had her hoofs over her head in fear. She slowly opened her eyes and realized that Carol’s overwhelming power reacted as a safeguard. The Majin couldn’t do anything, so it seemed. Each attempt to end the saiyan girl proved useless. In that distinct moment she finally realized Carol’s awakened powers were too much for her to approach head on. She watched in fear at how majestic the saiyan stood. Silence took the air between them. Nothing could be heard except for the sound of rain hitting the ground. Thunder roared in the sky as lightning followed it. Lamp slowly tried to move away. Carol started to walk towards her keeping eye contact the entire time. The more she gazed into Carol’s glowing red eyes, the more afraid she became.

"NO MORE! No...more..." Caroline said in Lamp's face. “What’s the matter, Majin Lamp? You were having fun awhile ago…when you killed my mother and nearly drowned me. I can’t be harder to destroy than a planet, right? I’m only 19.” Lamp clenched her teeth and her fists in frustration. Looking into the girl's eyes, she couldn’t understand such a drastic change of events. She was so annoyed her started to growl.

“You are as foolish as you’re mother, child. You need to learn to respect your elders! Damn…what the hell are you?"

“I am the warrior you’ve heard of in legends, pure of heart and awakened by rage…” At that moment, Lamp distinctly felt fear. She regretted killing the saiyan’s parents, the earthlings and the ponies that use to dwell among the land. “I warned you…” Carol began, “I told you what would happen if you pushed me too far. But you didn’t listen. When you killed Queen Daisy, you forced me to awaken my hidden power. And now that you’ve seen it, you are afraid. Because YOU KNOW…that I am going to DESTROY YOU!”

Lamp gasped at the saiyan’s stern tone. She flew to the sky despite her fear reaching higher altitude. However, the saiyan bent down hoping ease Fluttershy’s pain.

“Don’t worry little one, it’s not your fault so don’t blame yourself. You’re kind of cute, what’s your name?”

“I’m…Fluttershy. Thank you, for protecting me. You’re…too kind.” She ended with a small smile. Caroline smiled back massaging her chin, but she sensed a massive level of energy building up. She ignored it because she obviously knew where it was coming from. In a desperate attempt to defeat Carol, Lamp prepared to release a deadly KaMeHaMeHa-Wave aimed directly at the Earth! Carol sensed the power growing at an uncontrollable rate. She and Fluttershy looked to the sky witnessing a massive giant form of energy. Carol glared at Lamp and she stood her ground confident in her new found abilities. Growing impatient, she started wagging her long tail back and forth.

“Here you go!” The insane Majin yelled out, “Let me see you stop THIS! I’m going to blow up the Earth and there’s NOTHING YOU CAN DO!!!” she shouted in a desperate tone, but Carol stood her ground. Lamp shot the blast and the saiyan stood there. At the last moment, Carol countered Lamps attack with a more powerful blast! Catching the monster off guard and saving the Earth from certain destruction. When the smoke cleared, it was obvious that the saiyan’s clever tactic had done the trick. Lamp was “half” the cruel creature she use to be.

“Carol why didn’t you finish her? I don’t think my heart can take all of this...” pleaded Fluttershy.

“I’m going to let her suffer…”Carol smirked. In an instant, the Majin quickly regenerated her lost limbs and she bulked her body up to maximum power in an explosion of INSANE ANGER! The creature then descended down in front of them both and Fluttershy covered her head once more at the horror before them!

“Not by you…NOT BY YOU! CAROLINE, YOU RETCHET CHILD! HOW DARE YOU?! YOU WILL NOT BEAT ME! A worthless saiyan, like you can’t compete with the likes of me! I am INVINCIBLLLLLE! AND NOOOOOOOW I WILL MAKE YOU PAAAY!” Lamp was blinded by anger. She tried to punch them both where they stood but Carol already grabbed the injured Pony, and in the process she dodged all of Lamp’s attacks while holding her. She was so big and bulky, her size slowed her down. The saiyan booted the beast in the belly giving her a monstrous case of indigestion! Coughing up spit and slime, the Majin clearly met her match. The teenage girl and the little Pegasus watched as Lamp trembled.

“What…is she doing, Carol? She looks awful.”

“She’s doing exactly what I wanted her to do. Before I end her life, I wanna see Pinkie cough it ALL UP!”

“Pinkie? But...Pinkie Pie is dead?” Fluttershy said. Carol looked at her with a confused look. “Who is Pinkie Pie? I meant Majin Lamp. And watch…and you’ll see what I mean...” Lamp started to feel sick. She gagged trying to hold it all in. But it was coming. She held her mouth and aimed her head to the ground. With the blow Carol landed on the stomach, Lamp was done. Her evil appetite came back to haunt her when she lost her lunch and half of her power: when she regurgitated Daisy’s body. They both watched as Lamp struggled to cough up her body. Carol smirked at the entire process feeling the satisfaction behind it. Fluttershy was awestruck at it. She couldn’t endure the smell of it. When Lamp finally coughed up Daisy’s body, she felt weaker. The girl had no intentions of killing the Majin with her mom inside. Daisy’s corpse lied there covered in Lamp’s body fluids. Now that Carol has freed Daisy from the belly of the beast, she couldn’t stand to see the site of her enemy no more! Lamp stood on her knees coughing and gagging.

“I’ll get you for this, girl. I SWEAR on my life you are going to DIE!” Lamp yelled.

“Lamp, give up. You aren’t going to beat me. You killed my mom, you hurt my friend! You had this coming…game over Lamp.” Carol said calmly. She placed both of her hands in front of her, opened her palms turned up at a 90 degree angle. She fused together a tremendous amount of energy. With the moves she learned studying under her grandfather and Vegeta, it was time to put her super saiyan 4 powers to use. She released a Super KaMeHaMeHa Wave and the Big Bang Attack into a large, blue energy sphere with excess energy radiating off of it in the form of small waves. From this energy sphere, Carol fired an extremely powerful, shockwave beam: The Big Bang KaMeHaMeHa! This move will damage its target severely, if not killing them outright. Carol launched it with the full force of her being.

Who knows…Maybe you’ll come back one day, Lamp. As a better person I hope. I always wanted a little sister. That should be NO PROBLEM for my Mom. Perhaps I’ll teach you the ways of life one day. I’ll be waiting for that day…adios amigo.

It was time to say goodbye and send Lamp packing. There was nothing left to do, but to beat the Lamp! And with the resounding flourish of energy, Carol wrote the final words of this dark chapter and closed the book on her old nemesis ONCE AND FOR ALL!

"Big Baaaang..."

"No! No, you can't do this to me!" The monster pleaded barely ale to get up.

KaMeHaMeHAAAAA!” yelled the saiyan, firing a large blast which eradicated every trace of the Majin.

The blast was so intense it left a canyon on the battlefield. Caroline was so exhausted, she reverted back to normal falling to the ground. Fluttershy flew to her as quickly as possible and she manage to catch her before hitting the ground. Carol on the ground began laughing at her success. The rain storm slowly began to stop, but the sky was still gray. The sunshine from above slowly started to penetrate the thick clouds as it began to clear up. Fluttershy licked her cheek, nuzzled her head on the girl’s showing her gratitude. She never doubted the saiyan the moment she laid eyes on her. "Thank you...Flutter..shy. I'm sorry...for the mess..." Looking into her eyes, she tilted her head and lost consciousness.

At last…the war was over! Nothing remained of Majin Lamp except the battle scars she left behind. She was gone completely. Thanks to a young hero named Caroline. The universe was safe, once again...

Find out what happens in the exciting conclusion. When Dragonball Z, continues...


Part 2 of CAROLINE


Illustration and story by *todd18
Constructive build-up by ~luigirules64
Lamp and Caoline © =epe-tohri and *todd18
Credit also for John J.

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The inspiration for my writing is clear that it comes from Dragonball Z. This is where my ideas come from. Caroline's super saiyan 4 transformation on the other hand is different than the others for one main reason: she's a girl. Because of this, I ignored a few default factors. Because she's a girl, I went with white hair because it's the opposite of black. But this also came from watching Danny Phantom and constantly listening to the second have of the opening::music:...whe he first woke up, he...realized, he had snow white hair, and glowing green eyes!:music:. So I with white hair and changed green to red glowing eyes. Let's not forget that she shouldn't have fur on her chest either. A female girl with fur around their chest area covering the top half of their body completely? Sounds...very strange. So in conclusion, because of her being a girl, her appearance receives alternate colors. But overall the power is the same/higher. Hopefully in the next segment life will be restored, but what will happen to Fluttershy and will she be left alone in the battlefield alongside Caroline? Will The others be able to restore the damage left in Lamp's wake? You'll have to stay tuned for the final story-telling segment, when Dragonball Z continues... ;)
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